[S/S-23] · Delivery 1 · Pyralite™ Collection

[S/S-23] · Delivery 1 · Pyralite™ Collection

Introducing our first PYRALITE Collection, adventure ready goods developed to revel in the magnificent outdoors. At the mountains, the ocean and everything in between. Taking cues from 1980s hiking and outdoor wear, blended with a beach-life sensibility and certain tropical island activities, the garment blends unique technical crinkle nylon cloth and soft ripstop nylon, delivering lightweight collection that are both resilient and weather-ready. Also fire-retardant cloth to render a weatherproof construction with a performance-orientated aesthetic. 

We specially developed the concept on the product features, such as the REVERSIBLE and PACKABLE series, providing versatility and convenience. Our collections designed to be both practical and stylish, with unique colour palettes. Seamlessly harmonized with nature while offering a fresh impression in urban environments. Complemented with a signature graphic printed nylon that feature ingenious gestures to ornaments, artwork motifs and relics of Indonesian tribes. Flaunting our native legacy and philosophies in each piece. Embodied a perfect harmony of tradition and modernity.

From Quilted Jackets and Packable Vests to Anoraks, fully Reversible Camp Shirts and Fleece Jackets, our collection has you covered. Complement your look with our versatile Trail and Packable Camp Shorts, alongside the contemporary style of our relaxed fit, slightly tapered, climbing inspired Utility Pants. Introducing our remarkable range of Boardshorts that pay homage to the golden age of surfing. Crafted from lightweight and quick-drying Nylon blend. Featuring vintage color block designs, with cut and sew paneling adding a retro touch. At 16 inches above the knee, they strike the ideal balance between timeless appeal and practicality. In addition, several bags such as Tote Bags and Sacoches are also available to carry essential items.

Indulge in the meticulous craftsmanship of our collection, featuring exquisite direct embroidery, reflective logos and mesh interior lining. Discover the signature woven labels and pattern webbings that add a touch of distinction. Our arthefact matte snap closures and hooks, along with the YKK® Japan PLANCER® Snap Buttons and Waterproof Vislon® zippers, ensure durability and functionality. With bar-tack reinforcements, webbing loops with triangle carabiners, and paracord detailing to boost your outdoor experience. These adventure-ready goods are perfect for weekend getaway or trek across the globe.

Photographer: Harve Fedrizal @harvefedrizal + Denny NVKR @nvkr.co + Ikbal @ikbal.tawakaal + Ricco Cheza
Creative Direction: Anggiea Tjong
Production: Kelana @wearekelana
Stylist: Inggit Apsekar
Models: Alisa + Josh + Victoria + Jo Starbucks
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